Andrew & Lauren // Dawsonville GA Engagement Photography

Ariana's Adventures in Georgia Part 2!

Danielle's brother Andrew recently got engaged to Lauren and they asked me to take their engagement photos while I was in Georgia for Walker's birthday. I was very excited to work with them and to meet this lucky girl. Oh my, what a sweet couple they are.

The first thing I noticed about them is an insane height difference; Andrew towers over the general population while Lauren is a petite little doll--I love it! Playing with height in photography is one of my favorite things.

Sharing a kiss at eye level and the impossible high five. Kudos to both of them for all of the lifting and jumping I asked of them during these shots. Way to go guys, we nailed it!

Congratulations, Lauren and Andrew!! I can't wait to come back to Georgia for your wedding!

If you're interested in having your own engagement pictures shot through my lens, shoot me a message!